2015 - 2018 True Vibes,  LLC 

Scheduled Showtimes

Tune in for the early morning show from various DJ'S and Radio Hosts bringing the vibe to you fresh and early!!!!


Every day at 5pm Dubai Time. We play the most requested hip hop, r&b, dancehall, etc hits from all over the world! 

"Tune in to listen to the hottest songs"

Check out DJ KENNYMIXX weekday show from

9PM-12AM Dubai Time Zone

12PM-3PM Eastern Time Zone "LOCK IN"

"Mixing all the hottest music!!!" 

Check out DJ GRAVITY weekday show from

6PM-9PM Dubai Time Zone

9AM-12PM Eastern Time Zone

"Mixing all the hottest music!!!" 

Tune in all weekend for music from various DJ'S and bringing the flava to you non-stop!!!!


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